2012 Symposium Papers

2012 West Virginia Surface Mine Drainage
Task Force Symposium Papers

Ramada Inn, Morgantown, WV
March 27-28, 2012

PROCEEDINGS [.pdf 3.7mb]


Status of West Virginia Mining and Reclamation [.pdf 1.7mb] Tom Clarke, WV Department of Environmental Protection

OSM Update on Mining, Reclamation and AMD Joe Pizarchik, Office of Surface Mining

The Appalachian Research Initiative on Environmental Science (ARIES): A New Paradigm [.pdf 1mb] John Craynon, Virginia Tech

Narrative Water Quality Standards [.pdf 2.2mb] Legislative & Regulatory Update [.pdf 4.5mb] Jason Bostic, West Virginia Coal Association

TDS Evolution from Valley Fills at Coal Mac Presentation [.pdf 2mb] Abstract [.pdf 85kb] Terry Potter and John McDaniel, Arch – Coal Mac

Selenium Treatment Arch-Eastern, Birch Mine [.pdf 3mb] Al Meek, Conestoga-Rovers & Assoc.; Keith O’Dell, Arch Coal, Inc.; and Ben Faulkner, Bratton Farms

Natural Selenium Attenuation at the Lab, Outlet, and Watershed Scales Paper [.pdf 1.3mb] Presentation [.pdf 2mb] Paul Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia University

Passive Removal of Total Aluminum – Field Demonstration [.pdf 4.5mb] Ray Lovett, RL Environmental Solutions

Hydrologic Impacts of Multiple Seam Underground and Surface Mining Paper [.pdf 15mb] Presentation [.pdf 1.4mb] Jay Hawkins, Office of Surface Mining

Simulating Interbasin Transfer in Abandoned Coal Mines Presentation [.pdf 1.6mb] Abstract [.pdf 64kb] Kurt McCoy and Mark Kozar, U.S Geological Survey

Site-Specific Chronic Selenium Aquatic Life Criterion for a Coal-fired Power Plant Discharge to the Ohio River [.pdf 1mb] Rob Reash, American Electric Power

Priority Pollutants in Untreated and Treated Drainage from Coal Mines in Pennsylvania Presentation [.pdf 9mb] Notes [.pdf 8.6mb] Chuck Cravotta, U.S. Geological Survey

Special Reclamation Capital Costs for Passive Treatments Presentation [.pdf 4mb] Abstract [.pdf 54kb] Brady Gutta and Bruce Leavitt, West Virginia University

Air Lift Mixing to Improve Calcium Oxide Dissolution Presentation [.pdf 1.25mb] Paper [.pdf 1.5mb] Bruce Leavitt, Consulting Hydrogeologist

Pumpable pHoam™: A New Method for Mitigating ARD Presentation [.pdf 1mb] Paper [.pdf 1mb] Jim Gusek, Golder Associates

Selenium Treatment by BioRemedial Technologies [.pdf 900kb] Tyler Perry, BioRemedial Technologies

Treatment of Flowback – Marcellus Shale Presentation [.pdf 3mb] Paper [.pdf 19.6mb] Mark Galimberti, VSep – New Logic Research