2010 Symposium Papers

2010 West Virginia Surface Mine Drainage
Task Force Symposium Papers

Ramada Inn, Morgantown, WV
March 30-31, 2010


Discharge Management to Control TDS in Northern West Virginia [.doc 39kb] [.ppt 3.5mbPaul Ziemkiewicz

An Evaluation of the Mayfly Abundance and WV-SCI Scores Compared to Levels of Conductivity in Several Streams in Southern West Virginia [.doc 3.2mb] [.ppt 23mbEd Kirk and Randy Maggard

A Review of Available Technologies for Removal of Selenium from Water [.pdf 400kb] [.doc 33kbTom Sandy

In-Situ Treatment of Selenium-Bearing Spoil Units [.doc 70kb] [.ppt 6mbPaul Ziemkiewicz

Inter-laboratory Comparison of Selenium in Coal Mine Drainage [.doc 26kb] [.ppt 1.5mbLouis McDonald, Donglin Huang, Ben Faulkner, and Jason Unrine

In-Situ Treatment with Hydrogen Peroxide [.doc 1mb] [.ppt 6.4mbBruce Leavitt

Air Lifting Mechanisms for Oxidation in Underground Mines [.doc 4mb] [.ppt 8.6mbBruce Leavitt

Coal Ash Use and Disposal [.doc 43kb] [.ppt 636kbDebbie Pfughoeft-Hassett

Update on Flooding of the Pittsburgh Seam Mines in Monongahela/Ohio Basins [.doc 25kb] [.ppt 26mbJoe Donovan and Dave Light

Ecology of Mined WV Watersheds [.doc 57kb] [.ppt 8mbTodd Petty

Advances in Passive Treatment Technologies [.doc 71kb] [.ppt 2mbArt Rose

Passive Treatment of Dents Run Site PA3895 [.doc 31kb] [.ppt 35mbCliff Denholm and Tim Danehy

Treatment of Richard Mine Acid Mine Drainage [.doc 25kb] [.ppt 7mbCharles Straley

Lamberts Run: A Successful Model of a Collaborative Approach [.doc 25kb] [.ppt 28.5mbBrady Gutta and Sheirl Fletcher

Legislative / Regulatory Update [.ppt 3.5mbJason D. Bostic

Treatment Technologies for TDS [.ppt 576kbRaymond J. Lovett