2011 Symposium Papers

2011 West Virginia Surface Mine Drainage
Task Force Symposium Papers

Ramada Inn, Morgantown, WV
March 29-30, 2011


Status of West Virginia Mining and Reclamation [.ppt 1.9mbTom Clark, WVDEP

OSM Update on Mining, Reclamation and AMD [.pdf 3.5mbTom Shope, OSM

Wastewater from Coal and Gas Development: Chemical Signatures in the Monongahela Basin [.ppt 8.8mb] [.doc 1mbPaul Ziemkiewicz, WVU

Mining Methods and Best Management Practices to Minimize TDS Evolution [.ppt 16.5mbRichard Warner, UK

Mine Spoil Weathering and TDS Dynamics [.ppt 1.5mb] [.pdf 8mbLee Daniels, Virginia Tech

Should There Be An Aquatic Life Water Quality Criterion for Conductivity? [.doc 23kb] [.ppt 2.3mb][.pdf 206kbBob Gensemer, GEI Consultants

2010-11 Legislative Issues on Mining, Reclamation and Water Quality [.ppt 2mbJason Bostic, WVCA

Analysis of Total Aluminum and Dissolved Aluminum [.ppt 4.5mbLouis McDonald and Jeff Skousen, WVU

New Policies and Procedures for Aluminum Translator Studies [.ppt 3.2mbJennie Henthorn, Henthorn Env.

A Comparison of the Effects of Mining over a 10-Year Period on the Fisheries, Macroinvertebrates, and Water Chemistry within the Tributaries of East Fork Twelvepole Creek, WV [.ppt 12.4mb] [.pdf 586kbJonny Hart, Ed Kirk, REIC, and Randy Maggard, Argus

Levels of Dissolved Solids Associated with Aquatic Life Effects in Virginia’s Central Appalachian Coalfield Streams [.doc 32kb] [.ppt 3.28mbAnthony Timpano and Carl Zipper, Virginia Tech

Influence of Selenium in Upper Mud River Watershed on Bluegill [.doc 23kb] [.ppt 9.2mbPatricia Mazik, WVU

Using AMDTreat and PHREEQC Titration Module for Prediction of AMD Effluents [.doc 414kb] [.ppt 4.9mbChuck Cravotta, USGS

Semi-Passive Bioreactors and RCTS Lime Treatment at Remote Sites [.doc 43kb] [.ppt 18.25mbTim Tsukamoto, TKT Consulting

Air Jammer: Cutting AMD Costs at Warwick Mine on a Limited Budget [.doc 34kb] [.pdf 2.2mbCharlie Blankenship Robert Marmo, Marmo & Assoc.

The Role of Phosphate Mining Waste: A Chemical or Biological Reagent for AMD Prevention? [.ppt 10.5mb] [.pdf 415kbMargarete Kalin, Boojum Research Ltd

Aeration of Mine Water Using a TROMPE [.doc 2.6mb] [.ppt 5.6mbBruce Leavitt, Hydrogeologist

Sustained Treatment of AMD with Drainable Limestone Beds [.ppt 4.9mb] [.pdf 168kbBob Hedin and N. Wolfe, Hedin Env.