2008 Symposium Papers

2008 West Virginia Surface Mine Drainage Task Force Symposium Papers

30th Anniversary of the Formation of the Task Force
Ramada Inn, Morgantown, West Virginia
April 22-23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Status of West Virginia Mining and Reclamation [.pdf 3.8mb] Randy Huffman and Lewis Halstead
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Charleston, WV

OSM Update on Mining, Reclamation, and AMD Brent Wahlquist and Tom Shope Office of Surface Mining Washington, DC

The 30th Anniversary of the Formation of the West Virginia Mine Drainage Task Force: A Historical Perspective [.doc 1.2mb] [.pdf 11mb] Jeff Skousen, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV Wayne Stanley, Stanley Industries, Bridgeport, WV

Water Quality and Acid Mine Drainage in West Virginia [.doc 26kb] [.ppt 14mb] Pat Campbell West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Charleston, WV

History and Status of Mining Underground Injection Control by WVDEP [.doc 46k] Pavanne Pettigrew
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Charleston, WV

Overview of Stream Mitigation Program and Examples [.doc 535kb] [.ppt 222kb] Dennis Stottlemyer
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Charleston, WV

2008 Legislative Issues on Mining, Reclamation, and Water Quality [.ppt] Jason Bostic West Virginia Coal Association Charleston, WV

Effect of Alkaline Fills on AMD Control [Map .pdf 174 kb] [.doc 103 kb] [.pdf 3.1mb] Thomas Cook Massey Coal Services Charleston, WV

AML Reauthorization and WV’s Strategy for Stream Restoration [.ppt 8mb] [.doc 75kb] Paul Ziemkiewicz
West Virginia University Morgantown, WV

Duration of Acid Mine Drainage from Above-Drainage Underground Mines in Northern West Virginia [.ppt 6mb] [.doc 133kb] Ben Mack and Jeff Skousen West Virginia University Morgantown, WV

Modeling AMD Geochemistry in Flooded Underground Mines [.ppt 1.4mb] [.doc 1.6mb] Bruce Leavitt
Leavitt Consulting Hydrologists Washington, PA

Innovative Mine Water Management Techniques for Submarine Coal Mines of the Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia [.ppt 11mb] [.pdf 1mb] Joe Shea Cape Breton Development Corp. Sydney, Nova Scotia Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Selenium Distributions in Kanawha Formation Rocks from Boone County, WV [.ppt 1.2mb] [.doc 29kb] Dorothy Vesper West Virginia University Morgantown, WV

Selenium Bioaccumulation in Selected Stream and Lake Fishes of West Virginia [.ppt 18mb] [.doc 29kb] Ben Lowman West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Charleston, WV

Past, Present and Future for Treating Selenium-Impacted Water [.ppt 2.4mb] [.pdf 217kb] Kevin Conroy and Jim Gusek Golder Associates Lakewood, CO

Selenium Removal from Mine Water – A Field Trial [.ppt 3.8mb] [.doc 28kb] Ray Lovett WV Water Research Institute Morgantown, WV

Limestone-Based Passive Treatment of an AMD-Impacted Watershed – Rock Creek, Kentucky [.pdf 15mb] [.doc 3.4mb] Mark Meade and Mark Carew Kentucky Abandoned Mine Land Frankfort, KY

Low-pH Fe(II) Oxidation Incorporated into Passive Treatment [.ppt 16mb] [.doc 5mb] Bill Burgos Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA

Recovery of Deckers Creek from Acid Mine Drainage: Causes and Dependability [.pdf 5mb] [.doc 27kb] Martin Christ Friends of Deckers Creek Morgantown, WV